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Welcome to NeuRAtalks lead by Neuroscience Research Australia an independent, not-for-profit research institute based in Sydney, Australia.

As a leader in brain and nervous system research, our goal is to prevent, treat and cure neurological diseases, disorders and injuries.

NeuRAtalks seminars series provides you with the opportunity to hear from leading researchers in the area of neuroscience research. In this online series you will learn more about causes and treatments for Bipolar, why sleep is good for mental health, our research for a cure for Schizophrenia, and how you can build more resilience into your life.

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Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert

Freedom from Schizophrenia

Dr Jan Fullerton

Understanding the biological basis of Bipolar Disorder

Assoc Prof Danny Eckert

Asleep on the JOB? Find out how sleep impacts mental health

Coming soon...

Dr Justine Gatt

The neuroscience of resilience to stress

Dr Nikki Williams

Managing depression and living a full life

Coming soon...

Assoc Prof James McAuley

Understanding the brain -pain relationship

Coming soon...

Dr Hanna Hensen

How sleep impacts the health of our vital organs and mental health and why?

Dr Sylvia Gustin

The brain’s signature of chronic pain and its impact on mental health

Coming soon...

Dr Richard Schweizer

Living, Loving, Schizophrenia

NeuRAtalks is a series of seminars brought to you by NeuRA that brings new information on neuroscience research and translational science to the community.

This October, find out more about:
Latest research new on Schizophrenia
New progress in Bipolar treatments
Can we train the brain to be more resilient?
How does sleep impact mental health?

Welcome to NeuRAtalks seminar series. At NeuRA our focus in on the road ahead. The purpose of our research is to discover, conquer and cure disorders of the brain, and reduce the burden of these disorders on our community. I hope you can join us online this October during Mental Health Week to hear from some of our inspirational scientists on their current research work, discoveries and future hopes for medical breakthroughs.

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We are lighting the way forward for mental health

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