Series 4: Ageing Well Week

A series of our NeuRATalks videos from Ageing Well Week

Professor Kaarin Anstey

Ageing well to reduce your risk of dementia

Dr Bill Brooks

Tackling Alzheimer's disease: Where are we up to?

Professor Stephen Lord

Maintaining mobility and preventing falls as you age

Professor Jacqueline Close

Hip fracture prevention and management

Associate Professor Julie Brown

Keeping safe in cars

Dr Hanna Hensen

The power of sleep

NeuRAtalks is a series of seminars brought to you by NeuRA that brings new information on neuroscience research and translational science to the community.

This October, find out more about:
Latest research new on Schizophrenia
New progress in Bipolar treatments
Can we train the brain to be more resilient?
How does sleep impact mental health?