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Professor Peter Schofield, CEO and Executive Director, NeuRA

About NeuRA

Discovery occurs now and in the future. It is the fabric of our mission at NeuRA, one of the world’s leading centres for neuroscience research. With over 300 researchers, clinicians and support staff, spread across 30 research groups, each led by a senior clinical or scientific investigator, we are tackling some of the biggest challenges to our health, our lives, and the quality of life that we can anticipate in an ageing population. Working in partnership with government, business and research organisations, our mission is to investigate diseases of the brain such as Parkinson’s, motor neuron disease, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar, autism, neurological disorders leading to falls in the elderly, as well as neural, spinal injury and chronic pain.


Our goal is to make cutting-edge discoveries which can then be applied to conquer and cure these brain disorders, allowing all people, and their families to live a life of fulfilment, one with purpose, passion and a life well navigated with good health. At NeuRA, we play a vital role in the global research community by translating our research across neuroscience, by participating in multi-country drug trials such as the DIAN trial for Alzheimer’s disease, and by participating in international scientific symposia to share our discoveries.


Today, we stand at the threshold of a number of significant advancements, which will shape our pathways of discovery in Neuroscience over the coming years. ‘Discovery’ is not just a word associated with our quest to explore the brain, it is also the mantra we live and breathe at NeuRA.

About NeuRAtalks

NeuRAtalks is a seminar series presented by NeuRA across a wide range of mental disorders by leading researchers in their field of study. The aim of NeuRAtalks is to provide the community with the opportunity to engage with some of Australia’s leading neuroscientists to learn more about the research work being undertaken at NeuRA, and how this work is leading the way in finding discoveries, to cure and conquer the most debilitating disorders of the brain and spinal cord. 

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At NeuRA we stand committed to supporting, those suffering from a disorder of the brain, their loved ones, carers and community support and services groups.